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Completely enthusiastic

Mobfish becomes a member of twinC GmbH. Nothing will change for customers and potential customers except from massiv development and implementation of WebVR


Create Virtual Reality apps easy and fast with mobfish VR STUDIO

Your editor for a self - made Virtual Reality app!

360° Cam
1. Upload
Easily upload your 360° content to the mobfish VR STUDIO! It doesn’t matter whether you want to use 360° videos or 360° photos, because we support all common formats.
VR Web Editor
2. Edit
Our web based tool provides you with all features and functions enables you to transform your content in the twinkling of an eye into an interactive adventure!
Icon with a rocket
3. Create App
As soon as you’re done editing, just download your Virtual Reality project as app and publish it! We support all relevant platforms.

Tools you get with mobfish VR STUDIO


With our editor, you can create your own VR app in the easiest way! Add your own scenes, link them and set new hotspots. Use the Beta Preview to take a first look at your masterpiece and to find out if you want to make changes in your project.

You don’t need any programming skills for our software, just leave the entire technical stuff to us and get started right away!

Scene Management

Our Scene Management lets you add and link various scenes with different environments. Choose the scenes from your 360° footage and make them interactive by using our hotspots.

Send your users to any place you want with just one click or show them the most important spots on a guided tour through a location of your choice.

Hotspot Designer

Our Hotspots transform your 360 degree media into interactive adventures! Choose between many different Hotspots the one who suits your needs best and integrate pictures, videos or music in your scenes.

Of course you can design each hotspot the way you want. Choose the icon of your hotspot, when exactly it appears and is visible for users or what lies behind it. The design options provide you with everything you need to set your creativity free.

Media Manager

Keep track of all your media with our Media Manager. Just upload your 360° media and manage them in our Media Library. As soon as you want to use them for your VR project, you can easily select the needed 360° photo or video and immediately work with it in the editor.

Your mobfish VR STUDIO supports all common media formats! Since you can use normal media for some hotspots as well, you can of course also upload and manage them in our media manager.

App Creator

Our App Creator transforms your masterpiece easy and quick into an app you can use on almost all devices. Besides all common VR Headsets, we also support Smartphones, desktops and you could even embed the app into your website!

As soon as you’ve downloaded your VR apps, you can use them everywhere - even without Internet. This means that you don’t have to worry about poor Internet connections and constrained networks anymore.

mobfish VR STUDIO supports them all!

Build the VR experience once and export it to all relevant platforms and devices.

Pico G2 VR Headsets
Pico G2 Series
Pico Neo VR Headsets
Pico Neo 2 Series
Pico Neo VR Headsets
Pico Neo 3 Series
Pico 4 VR Headsets
Pico 4
Oculus Go VR Headset
Oculus Go
Oculus Quest VR Headset
Oculus Quest
Meta Quest VR Headset
Meta Quest 2
Meta Quest VR Headset
Meta Quest 3
HTC Vive Focus VR Headset
HTC Vive Focus Series
Valve Index VR Headset
Valve Index
Oculus Rift VR Headsets
Oculus Rift Series
HTC Vive VR Headsets
HTC Vive Series
HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headsets
HTC Vive Cosmos Series
Windows Mixed Reality VR Headsets
Windows MR Headsets
Android / Cardboard
Android / Cardboard
iOS Cardboard
Windows PC VR Headset
Windows PC
Mac VR Headset
Steam VR Headset
Steam VR

That's what our Customers Think

Torsten Fell
Institute for Immersive Learning
I’m particularly excited about the simplicity of the mobfish VR STUDIO. All I need is a few clicks to export my VR app to any device I want to use. I’m curious what the future holds and look forward to the future cooperation with mobfish.
Nicole Both
With mobfish VR STUDIO, we were able to use Virtual Reality profitably within the set time and cost limits.
Tim Mittelstaedt
timmersive UG
We knew immediately that mobfish VR STUDIO is a software made for the future. In contrast to other providers, there is a great commitment and continuous development. Thank you for the great collaboration!

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