WebVR – Experience Virtual Reality Even More Easily

Many people wouldn’t be very surprised to hear that Virtual Reality still presents many obstacles. The user has to own a VR device, then they have to download the app… the list goes on.

That’s why we chose to integrate WebVR into our product.

As a matter of fact, WebVR is the wrong term in this instance. WebVR is the technology we use to bring Virtual Reality to the web through our mobfish VR STUDIO.

In this feature article, we’ll show you the advantages of WebVR, how you can start using it today and discuss the shortcomings we’re currently facing with this technology.

WebVR Demo – Putting a selection of 360° cameras to the test!

Controlling the Virtual Reality application in the browser is very intuitive and easy to use. Just drag the picture back and forth with the mouse. If you are currently viewing this page on your mobile phone, you can simply rotate your device to look around. (You will always find a “Back” button if you look at the ground).

In this short and simple WebVR demo, we opted to use four different cameras. Our goal was to compare the quality of the 360-degree media created in the mobfish VR STUDIO.

We simply uploaded these images to our page builder and created this WebVR demo with just a few clicks.

Look out for further information on the results and the different camera qualities coming soon in a dedicated blog post.

The advantages of Virtual Reality in a browser.

The biggest argument for WebVR is probably that hurdles are minimized!

Users of the application don’t have to install bulky software packages or apps. As a prospective app creator, you can simply send your VR worlds via a link.

Our product mobfish VR STUDIO is designed in such a way that you don’t have to be an expert, professional or programmer to build your own VR apps. With the mobfish VR STUDIO, all you need is a little bit of creative talent.

The WebVR feature is particularly advantageous when it comes to our software, because you can quickly see results. App authors no longer have to install an app to see if a particular element is positioned in the correct place.

WebVR makes it very easy to use existing marketing channels. Our web version of the mobfish VR STUDIO can be integrated into an existing website as simply as a YouTube player by means of Iframe.

Disadvantages of WebVR

With most topics there are always some negative aspects in addition to the great positive effects.

Yes, WebVR is there to make Virtual Reality available on all devices.


Unfortunately, many browsers are not quite keeping up to speed with all of these new technologies.

Since WebVR is intended to cover a huge range of different desktop computers, smartphones and browsers, this is still problematic today. This is because not all browsers support WebVR. Here you will find a detailed list indicating whether your browser supports WebVR.

We can breathe a sigh of relief, though!

Our development team has ensured that WebVR works in the most popular browsers. No matter whether the web browser itself supports it natively or not. In some cases, this unfortunately leads to minor quality losses. However, this is a foreseeable problem because an increasing number of browser manufacturers are working hard to support the latest standard.

In addition, not all features of the mobfish VR STUDIO have been implemented in our WebVR solution yet. However, the same applies here as with the browser support –we are constantly developing our product further.

On the whole, it is only a matter of time before the disadvantages mentioned above will be removed from this article!

These specific features are already supported by the mobfish VR STUDIO!

Videos or pictures as background medium for a scene. Our WebVR feature currently supports specific formats in all possible resolutions:


  • 360° mono equirectangular
  • 360° stereo equirectangular (top/bottom)


  • 360° mono equirectangular
  • 360° stereo equirectangular (top/bottom)

In addition to the 360° panoramic view, the mobfish VR STUDIO also offers interactivity. For this purpose you can integrate hotspots into your VR worlds. Go to the overview of our hotspots.

Currently supported in WebVR:

  • Image (incl. Audio support)
  • Web links
  • Scene links

Our team of developers is continuously striving to make the functions of the mobfish VR STUDIO app as accurate as possible.

Do you have more specific questions about the development status of some parts of WebVR? If so, don’t hesitate to ask us via live chat or via our contact form. We support you in your project!

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