Status: 11.10.2012

Scope of application

The General Terms and Conditions refer to the websites and apps operated by “twinC GmbH” (hereinafter referred to as “twinC”) and their associated services. The services operated by twinC are available exclusively on the basis of these Terms of Use.

General information

twinC expressly reserves the right to change, extend, supplement, delete or temporarily or permanently cease publication of parts of the websites and apps as well as the entire website without prior notice.

The information on our website, including that provided by users of twinC, may only be used for private purposes. Any commercial evaluation of our databases is not permitted without the written permission of twinC. Each user is responsible for ensuring that the information used by him is only used privately.

TwinC always strives for a technically smooth and failure-free state of its infrastructure. Nevertheless, errors and failures of the system as well as errors in the products cannot be excluded. Therefore we cannot take over a rifle for the reliability. TwinC reserves the right to remove parts of the system from the network at any time for maintenance and repair work. During these times the offer may not be reachable at all or only partially.


TwinC offers apps for free and chargeable download on various platforms and sales channels. Our respective sales partners are responsible for the smooth processing of payments and downloads.

The apps and websites offered by us are supplied with updates at regular and irregular intervals, depending on the offer. The decision about updates is based on internal regulations and decision as well as on the success of the offer.

TwinC offers the possibility to place advertisements within the individual offers. Unless otherwise agreed, this advertising will be remunerated via the number of impressions.

Impressions are billed per million and are bundled and invoiced to the customer per month.

The number of impressions to be switched is stipulated in the contract.

If it is technically impossible for mobfish to deliver the agreed impressions, the order will be closed at that point and the remaining impressions will no longer be invoiced.

Copyrights/industrial property rights

All data, information, data sets, texts and graphics on our web pages and apps are protected by copyright according to the Urgebergesetz.

Any use of this data without the written permission of twinC is expressly prohibited. Insofar as content has been made available by third parties, the protective rights of third parties will be observed. Contents of third parties are marked as such by twinC.

Rights of use

By using or downloading our apps from one of our partners, the user receives a simple, unlimited right to use the software for exclusively private use.

In the case of user contributions, mobfish receives a simple right of use, unlimited in time and space, for comprehensive exploitation in all products and portals offered by twinC.

The right of use grants twinC the right to decide on editorial adjustments as well as on when and whether a contribution is published.

Responsibility and liability

TwinC puts a lot of work into the production and quality assurance of your offer. Nevertheless, compatibility problems, errors and breakdowns can occur even in conjunction with third-party applications and components. TwinC is therefore not liable for failures caused by improper use or by external components.

Some of the contributions (comments and game elements) are made available to the end user without moderation or delay. The respective author is responsible for the content. TwinC will remove the respective contribution from the offer immediately after becoming aware of a violation of the law.

TwinC is only liable for damages caused by intentional or grossly negligent breaches of contract.

Liability of the user

Every user commits himself to use the offer provided by twinC in an appropriate manner. This concerns in particular the use of programs and mechanisms which damage the offer by spam or excessive load.

Each user commits himself with his contributions not to offend against given right as well as good customs. This includes pornographic, incitement to hatred and violence glorifying content.

TwinC reserves the right to charge for damages caused by the improper use of the service.

In case of violation of the above rules or the right mobfish reserves the right to remove the corresponding entries from the net and to support the authorities in their investigations,

Each user is obliged to use twinC products exclusively for content that is in line with our corporate values: This excludes content that glorifies violence, is pornographic, right-wing extremist or violates human rights or human dignity.

Liability for links

Our websites and apps contain links to external websites. These are carefully selected and checked by twinC. A permanent content control of these pages is neither possible nor reasonable for twinC. TwinC has no influence whatsoever on the changes and redesign of external offers. TwinC assumes no liability for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the linked content. The providers of the linked pages are solely responsible for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content.

Data protection

TwinC undertakes to comply with the statutory provisions on data protection. We refer separately to our data protection declaration.

Final provisions

Should individual clauses of the contract or the terms of use be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract/the terms of use.

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