Pricing Plan Overview
Free Flex POPULAR Standard Agency
0€/mo Start Now 49€/mo Start Now 199€/mo Start Now 399€/mo Start Now
Billing period - monthly monthly monthly
Projects 5 unlimited unlimited unlimited
not for commercial use
VR Elements
Scenes 10 100 100 100
Hotspots per Scene 10 25 25 25
Media files 25 500 500 500
Scene Control Elements
WebVR 59,99€ 59,99€
Free Quotas
Storage (GB) 1 1 100 1000
Each additional GB - 5,00€ 1,00€ 1,00€
Traffic (GB) 5 5 10 1000
Each additional GB - 1,00€ 0,50€ 0,50€
Transcoding (minutes) 10 10 200 200
Each additional minute - 0,10€ 0,10€ 0,10€
Testdevices * 10 10 100 500
Each additional device - 0,10€ 0,10€ 0,10€
App builds *
Each app build - 500,00€ 20,00€ 20,00€
Content updates * unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Prices and unit prices are excluding VAT.
* check out the FAQ for detailed information
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Pricing FAQ

  • What means “App builds”

    Our Software enables you to create your own apps. The appbuild contains all necessary files to upload your VR-application to an official app store and/or install it on your preferred device.

  • What means “Testdevices”?

    Besides the live apps, mobfish VR STUDIO also offers a test app, which displays the current status of your project. You can install and use our test app on all devices we support.

    The number of test devices corresponds to the number of devices on which you have installed the test app and added a specific project for viewing.

  • What means “Content updates?”

    Content of already builded apps can be changed at any time. Content updates include: 

    • Changing VR media.
    • Changing or adding scenes or hotspots.
    • and much more.
  • What means “Transcoding”?

    Transcoding automatically optimizes and converts uploaded media into different resolutions. These different quality levels ensure that your user always experiences the best quality of your app, regardless of the used device and whether the app content is streamed or downloaded.

  • What means “App updates”?

    App updates are necessary if you want to use features, that were not yet available at the time of your appbuild. Additionally we recommend updates on a regular basis to ensure the best compatibility with your devices.

  • Project and app differentiation
    • A project can be created in the mobfish VR STUDIO editor.
    • You can create as many projects as you like.
    • Each project can be exported as an app for different platforms.
  • The “mobfish VR STUDIO App” from mobfish and its device codes
    • The mobfish VR STUDIO App from mobfish is an additional free app that is publicly available in the App Stores. This allows you to immediately experience every project without having to export your own VR app from a project beforehand.
    • For this you can assign each project to a device via the Device Code, which is visible in the app on the device.
    • Test devices can be changed at any time.
  • VR platforms and exports
    • Any project can be exported as an app for a VR platform.
    • Platforms mean the different VR systems like Oculus Go / GearVR, iOS, Android, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Daydream, etc.
    • Regular updates from mobfish ensure long-term support of all common VR platforms.
    Free PlanNo app builds, only WebVR
    Flex Plan500€ per app build
    Standard Plan20€ per app build
    Agency Plan20€ per app build
  • White label

    All projects can be designed individually in the desired (customer) design. This includes:

    • Individual App Icon.
    • Fully featured app, so that you can control your placement in the App Store yourself.
    • Custom Splash Screen.
    • All App 360°Media freely designable.
    • Individual Hotspot Graphics.
    • Various app settings freely configurable.
  • Watermark

    As simple as that:

    • Free accounts have a watermark within WebVR.
    • Other accounts have no watermark.

    Watermarks appear all around like shown below on this iPad screenshot:

    PLAYER360 Watermark
  • Hosting and offline usage

    mobfish VR STUDIO is a cloud-based authoring tool. The use of the editor always includes a hosting of all media.

    • Every VR-App created with mobfish VR STUDIO also works automatically offline, if there is no connection to the internet. The last saved status is always accessed. Only an initial download of the media from the cloud is necessary.
  • Enterprise plans

    We offer partners individual price models for special requirements. Contact us at if you need the following:

    • More than 1 TB of data.
    • More than 1 TB traffic.
    • Host on your own servers.
    • More than 500 test devices.
    • Project library.

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