Got 360° content? Make it interactive and publish it!

So, you have created great content with a 360° camera or your production team and are still looking for the right platform?

No problem!

With the mobfish VR STUDIO, you can completely focus on your content. Just load it into our web interface, extend it with interactive elements (if desired) and export your own VR App for the platform of your choice.

No programming knowledge is required for this, only your creative talent!

Create your own Virtual Reality App at the touch of a button!

PLAYER360 Smartphone App

Turn into an App publisher with the mobfish VR STUDIO. The white-label solution puts you and your app in the spotlight.

With a single click you get the installation files for each platform – all in your own style.

Work via the browser – simple and intuitive!

With the mobfish VR STUDIO you can work directly in the browser, no installation of bulky software packages is necessary. This means that you are always up to date and do not have to download or install any updates. We will do that for you at regular intervals!

Durch die intuitive Oberfläche wirst du dich schnell einarbeiten und bist nicht an einem bestimmten Arbeitsplatz gebunden. Erfahre mehr über das Arbeiten im Browser.

Manage your VR media in the online media library

PLAYER360 Media Library on a Laptop

VR media usually requires more storage space than normal pictures or videos. You don’t have to worry about data storage or backups with the mobfish VR STUDIO.

You can save and organise your Virtual Reality content in different project folders. Each project folder has enough space to store all the media you need.

With our cloud solution your VR media is always available and secured.

Quality assurance through cloud transcoding – no more worrying about compatibility with various devices!

Unser Cloud Transcoding sorgt dafür, dass deine Medien auf allen relevanten Geräten lauffähig sind.

The mobfish VR STUDIO creates various versions of your uploaded media in order to optimally serve all use cases and devices. For this purpose, it automatically selects the right format for each device, so your VR experience will be accessible to everyone.

If you want 100% control over the output of your media, you can also disable this feature. The mobfish VR STUDIO then delivers your media 1:1 to the devices.

Increase your users’ immersion with spatial audio!

Through surround sound you can significantly increase the immersion of your users.

Our hotspots automatically play the sound relating to the exact spot in which they are positioned. Thus, they directly increase the viewer’s sense of space. No complicated sound editing of your media is necessary!

Reach more users by supporting all relevant platforms!

Durch unser Cloudbuilt System kannst du per Knopfdruck deine App selbst erstellen. Und zwar für alle Plattformen, so erreichst du das größtmögliche Publikum.

You don’t need developers for that.

Simply select the desired platforms via the web interface and start the build process. You can download your own App in no time – with your own branding of course!

Content changes made easy!

So, you have already successfully exported your first VR App and still have to make changes to the content?

Nothing could be simpler!

You can change or extend the content of your exported Apps at any time. All without having to export a new App. You have the flexibility to change any content at any time.

Let your creativity run wild!

Create your own VR App!

Register for free and start editing!