Great example projects that have already been implemented with the mobfish VR STUDIO!

May 22, 2019

We have repeatedly been asked whether there are any example projects that have already been implemented using our Virtual Reality solution.

Of course there are!

In this article we have put together four great projects that our partners have implemented using the mobfish VR STUDIO.

1. EU – BEAM ME UP – Get to know the European Union!

Sample image from the app "EU Beam me up"

The best way to learn about a complex and abstract subject is to experience it! The app is the perfect companion for political education in schools and at EU information centers. “EU – beam me up” conveys empathy for the institutions and their representatives by providing a guide from the idea to the vote.

App downloads

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2. The successor: VR Europe – Let’s vote

In the newer version of the EU app, Sophie and Lars guide you through Brussels. In great 360° videos, they explain to you how the EU works and what its areas of responsibility are.

App downloads

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3. Lostfriesland 360 – Welcome to the land of legends

Sample image from the app "Lostfriesland 360"

Discover mystical worlds and eerie stories of the North Sea region in 360°. Let yourself be carried away by the magical places and dark legends of Ostfriesland and find out what the legends have to do with the disappearance of the Lost Frisians.

What ever happened to Lana Jansen and Jade Meyer?

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4. Lessing VR

In Wolfenbüttel, a town in Germany, 18-year-old Jan and his grandmother search for Lessing’s works. Gotthold Ephraim Lessing was an important poet of the German Enlightenment.

They explore the castle, the Meißner House, the Duke August Library, the Lessing House and the main church Beatae Mariae Virginis.

The story of the two main characters is presented in 360-degree videos. The characters of Jan and Erika come to life in the form of Playmobil characters.

App downloads

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5. City tour in Bad Mergentheim

Bad Mergentheim has many treasures and sights to offer. Unfortunately, some of them are not accessible to the public or only to a very limited extent. The solution: A city tour as a 360° application.

When I open the application, a friendly tour guide stands in front of me in the middle of the market square. She explains to me (in German) what I can choose and how I can get where:
For example, the cathedral tower, which is actually closed to visitors for safety reasons, offers me unique views of the city. So now I can enjoy the view from up here. With just one click I can be hovering over the tower – filmed in real life and with impressive quality.

A further click brings me into the middle of the wolf enclosure, where the pack of wolves is being fed right next to me. Or to the cathedral treasury, which can otherwise only be visited twice a week.

That was exactly the approach of the app in Bad Mergentheim: We didn’t want to replace a city tour or show the sights that everyone can visit in real life. Instead, we wanted to show places that normally cannot be visited. And that goes down well. The glasses are available at the tourist information office, but the app can be downloaded beforehand from the Google Play store. The application goes down a treat with tourists and locals alike.

The mobfish VR STUDIO was the best solution as the app export is extremely uncomplicated for all platforms. The portal is easy to use, clearly laid out and meets the highest technical standards. The cherry on the top is that the mobfish team is always on hand to give helpful advice 😉

Bernhard Lingg (associate silberstern GmbH Filmproduktion)

App downloads

Download the app on the platform of your choice:

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