Pico VR Headsets with mobfish VR STUDIO – The Perfect Combination For Your Business

June 7, 2019

Founded in 2015, Pico is a company with 300 employees and offices in the USA, Europe, China and Japan.

Not only does Pico claim to be the first to release two-piece standalone VR glasses (i.e. with a controller), it also claims to be the first to have brought out standalone VR glasses with head and hand tracking.

Why is Pico and the mobfish VR STUDIO the perfect combination?

Pico and mobfish have entered into a partnership – we have a direct connection to each other and complement each other perfectly. As a hardware manufacturer, Pico is aware that the demands placed on Virtual Reality for business are different from those of the consumer.

It states it adopts a “user first” philosophy and wants to eliminate pain points experienced by customers using current VR products. In fact, we too have sought to adopt the same philosophy with our mobfish VR STUDIO.

Our goal is to work with you and all our customers to make VR content production and delivery as easy as possible. After all, it is our aim to make the technology usable!

These Pico VR Headsets Enhance Every Event

Pico VR meets the current standards for technical data. It even stands out from the competition in terms of resolution with its 4K variant, which was released in May 2019 in America and Europe.

The 3 DoF glasses are sufficient for the VR experiences created in the mobfish VR STUDIO, because here we rely on 360° content without room scaling. We believe that 90% of use cases can be covered. This is particularly easy for the user and is also much more cost-efficient than any complex 3D creation.

G2 4kG2 proG2
Screen resolution3840 x 2160 2880 x 16002880 x 1600
CPUQualcomm Snapdragon 835Qualcomm Snapdragon 835Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Weight 278g 268g 268g
Refresh rate 75Hz 90Hz 90Hz
Storage 32G 64G 32G
ContentPico Store, Viveport M Pico Store, Viveport M Pico Store, Viveport M
Tracking 3DoF 3DoF 3DoF
External camera None 1 RGB Camera None

For comparison: Oculus Go, LC-Display, 2.560 x 1.440 px , 75 Hz. Oculus Quest, OLED, 2880 x 1600 px, 72Hz.

In addition to the glasses listed above, Pico also has 6 DoF glasses called Neo in its program.

Pico Neo with a controller
Pico Neo

These glasses offer a resolution of 1440 x 1600 pixels for each eye and thus offer a top of the range visual experience.

Pico Will Impress in the B2B Arena!

Oculus is clearly committed to taking the Virtual Reality consumer market by storm. For this reason, some functions that are indispensable for business applications are missing.

Examples of this would be: kiosk mode, hygiene and individual design.

Pico has recognized this and has clearly aligned its efforts to helping business users.

Kiosk Mode Enables Easy Handling

With Pico VR headsets, it is finally possible to exclusively launch your own content on the glasses.

We have already integrated this option into the mobfish VR STUDIO.

This allows the end user to enjoy an uninterrupted experience. In addition, it makes it super easy for the trade fair staff to handle the product.

Put on your glasses and get started!

The kiosk mode prevents the user from leaving the desired app. This way, you prevent the user from accidentally leaving the app, calling up menus and accessing anything else.

They only get to see the content they’re supposed to see!

Let’s look at a concrete case study:

You want to send your application to a customer and want them to have the best possible immersive experience.

Problem: Your customer doesn’t have their own glasses and doesn’t know how they work.

Solution: You prepare Pico glasses with your app in kiosk mode. You reap the benefits twice, because the mobfish VR STUDIO has the offline function from the very beginning. This way, you can download all the content and only send the glasses to your customers.

They need to do nothing more than switch on the glasses. Once they’ve done this, your app will automatically start.

I Need the Kiosk Mode!

You need a special installation file for this. But don’t worry, you can get it directly from the mobfish VR STUDIO.

Experiencing problems with this? We would love to help you – use our chat function or send us an email.

Hygiene Features Can Attract Particular Attention at Trade Fairs or Customer Visits!

Pico has identified the big issue of hygiene and dealt with it very well.

Instead of fabric covers, Pico relies on wipeable and exchangeable inlays, which are particularly suitable for use at trade fairs.

The glasses can be wiped with a simple hygienic cloth before it’s used.

Individual Branding

On its website, Pico states that completely individual branding is possible with at least 300 glasses.

This should include the loading screen, the hardware, the firmware and the packaging.

Such a possibility is very practical for larger projects and gives your VR application its own unique branding and makes it easy to identify.

Build your own apps for Pico with the mobfish VR STUDIO!

Are you interested in using Pico for yourself and your business?

Very good!

In the mobfish VR STUDIO, you can either download our Pico VR test app or build you own app for Pico. You can do all this with just a few clicks.

Our software automatically builds your own app for you, which you can then fill with your content.

Your Own VR App in the Pico Store!

It is also possible to list your app directly in the Pico store.

All you need to do is contact Pico. They’ll test your app and check the content. After a short time, your app will be placed in the store.

HTCs Mobile Alternative – Viveport M Store

HTC has also identified the market for mobile wireless glasses and offers its own platform for this: Viveport M.

Since this store is also open to other hardware, unlike Oculus Mobile, the Pico glasses also have access to the Viveport M store. This enables you to download suitable apps from the Viveport store to Pico.

We are currently working on making our mobfish VR STUDIO app compatible with Viveport M as well.

Do you want to publish on Viveport M? If so, get in touch with us.

The Future of Pico Headsets

Pico is continuing to work on its product range. The Pico Neo 2 will be released in the second half of the year.

These glasses should work wirelessly with PC applications. If there is no PC nearby, it also works as standalone 6 DoF glasses. These glasses are based on the specifications.

At mobfish, we are convinced that Pico can capture the business market if it maintains its current focus. It already has lots of great features that competitors like Oculus simply do not have.

We look forward to seeing what the future has in store!

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