Mobfish VR Studio now a member of twinC

April 27, 2021

The Mobfish VR Studio is indispensable for us as content producers. We use many channels to provide interesting content for our customers. In addition to many individual solutions, the Mobfish VR Studio played a major role right from the start. This is how we put our standardized training courses in the limelight, and virtual exhibition stands were added almost a year ago. At that time, the Mobfish VR Studio was presented to us as a “Powerpoint” for VR. That hit the nail on the head. Simple, intuitive, extensive and absolutely reliable. Out of the showcase scenario to an ideal tool – in every respect.

After extensive research, we decided to take over the VR studio of Mobfish GmbH, as it enriches our portfolio with an authoring tool that is easy to use and reliable to use.

Since March 1st, 2021 twinC GmbH has been the official operator of the Mobfish VR Studio.

What changes?

Nothing will change for the existing users, because with Frederik Wockenfuß we have also taken over the face of customer service. We will also continue to develop the content of our apps as usual. With the VR Studio, these virtual reality apps can be played on all end devices.

Atlhouhg, there is one change! In addition to Virtual Reality, we will also be using WebVR applications in the future, which means that we can now serve all channels, because WebVR is indispensable in marketing in particular. In this area we want to massively expand the possibilities of the Mobfish VR Studio. We know that VR will become more and more a matter of course in the next few years. WebVR applications in particular offer a particularly easy introduction to VR, because expensive hardware is not required.

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Who are the ones who continue to operate the Mobfish VR Studio?

twinC is a training agency that has found a medium in VR to convey content in a target group-specific, innovative and joyful way. We look back on many years of experience in moving images and have specialized in preparing knowledge didactically, developing concepts from it and implementing it in 360 ° videos as an elementary medium

360 ° videos are only one side of the coin, the interaction and the involvement of the user form the other. With years of experience, we have succeeded in developing the optimal concepts for efficient use.

We can quickly create complex interactive applications and make them available on all VR platforms. The spectrum ranges from WebVR to smartphones to all VR glasses. Thus, each of our customers can bring their content to the user in the best possible way.

Just talk to us, we look forward to hearing from you.

Sebastian Seidel

twinC GmbH, Gabelsbergerstraße 3, 42279 Wuppertal, Mobile: 0151 149 918 54, Mail:

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